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Keep a Journal; Change the World



Crucial! Crucial to human development is a journal!

In many writing classes the idea of a journal is broached – often presented as an aid in helping the writer to develop.

However, a journal positively affects much more than one’s writing!

A journal expands minds and produces ideas. The journal allows for postulations and contemplations free from the feedback of others. Free writing gives way to free thinking –  a mode of cognition from which creativity springs.

You can be honest and open. This develops knowledge of one’s self. It allows for an exploration of one’s self that is unique and very different than communication with others.

This, in turn, develops one’s ability to communicate with others. You can write about your relationships. You will be able to see very clearly over time if relationship difficulties are taking up too much of your time.

Your journal is more you than Facebook!

Spend 10 times as much time on your journal than you do on your Facebook. Spend some time with your thoughts before you ooze each and every one of them to your friends.

How to do it:

Get some supplies. You can use either the computer or a nice journal. It is smart to get a high-quality pen because the journal is a spiritual and special thing. You might want to record your journal in two places – on a computer and on paper; this gives you more options and you are more likely to successfully and frequently create and use your journal.

You can write anything! That is the beauty of the journal!

You might want some guidelines or tips, too:

It is usually easy and nice to begin the journal with how you feel. Jotting down some of the first feelings you have is a good way to get going.

Even if you do not have much to write or record, you could begin with just that – writing that you do not have much to say.

Journals can have different intentions, goals, or focuses. For instance, you might keep a journal that journalizes everything pertinent to your physical conditioning; this is something that every Kairos Athletics athlete should do.

You could have a journal that has no restrictions – you just write whatever you want.

A crucial and VERY USEFUL step in journalizing is reviewing your journal.

This is where you can gain the most from your journal. You can monitor your own growth. You will be able to look very clearly into your “mind of yesterday”. It is like looking at pictures of your mind from the past.

You probably want to see a balance in your journal: parts about you; you and others; you and your spiritual, educational, and physical exercises. You will probably see parts sad, parts happy, confused/focused. All of these are great and natural.

The journal is a reflection and a guide:

The journal cultivates honesty and openness with the world. It cultivates honesty and openness with your craft or art. We all beg for honesty and openness with one another today, yet we commit ourself to no exercise that will facilitate such. Our society is what it is because of you and how developed you are!

Start a journal today and maintain it for life!

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  1. Camille says:

    This article came to me at the perfect time. I had just received a journal and a channelnge from a friend to begin just this. This gave me better direction in beginning this journey. Thank you.

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