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Keep a Journal; Change the World

FIRST PUBLISHED ON KAIROS ATHLETICS.COM Crucial! Crucial to human development is a journal! In many writing classes the idea of a journal is broached – often presented as an aid in helping

Billy Lee: Proper Goal Contemplation (Video)

You have a goal! Is it the right one?! Visualize the Right Way! Whether you are striving in business, school, or sports, listen!!! Billy Lee, an entrepreneur and lifelong athlete,

Basic Post Run Circuit 1

After you put in a couple miles, perform this routine to make you a stronger runner. You only have to perform one circuit if you are pressed for time. A

Everything You Need to Know About Lower Back Pain

SOURCE: RUNNER’S WORLD Many runners experience back pain, especially lower back pain, because of the repetitive stress and impact running puts on the body for a significant duration of time. If

Regular Exercise Can Protect Against Deadly Coronavirus Complications, Study Says

SOURCE: STUDY FINDS Dr. Zhen Yan: “We cannot live in isolation forever. Regular exercise has far more health benefits than we know. The protection against this severe respiratory disease condition


Pump up your protein intake, aisle by aisle, at the supermarket with’s top 40 ultimate protein picks! SOURCE: BODYBUILDING.COM Matthew Kadey, MS, RDMay 19, 2016 •  10 min read Let us count

SMART Goals: You Are Only as Smart as Your Goals (Part 2 of 3)

(Read Part 1 of 3) The old saying goes, “Give a man a fish; he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish; he eats for life.” If your

Exercise Series – Ballet Movements

These are exercises from the innovative Great Day Show – a product of the Wellness Institute for Economic Growth. Exercise at home or at the office. Exercise anywhere. Follow Billy