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Training Principles

After 25 years of training athletes and peak performers, Billy Lee established a Peak Performance Principle.

Below are 8 concepts that are recognized as driving forces within Billy’s training framework established for Kairos Athletics – his premier athletic training resource.

8 Imperative Concepts

Perspective – If one accepts that being physically and mentally fit is the same as being healthy, and you understand that being healthy is being happy, then you are committed to the journey.

Process – Sport and movement sharpen the mind and body.

Positivity – A positive mind influences a positive body. A positive body influences a positive mind.

Perseverance – If it doesn’t work, fix it. Do not abandon it.

Practice – Everything one does is practice.

Power – A willingness (eagerness) to learn.

Present – Bring your mind to the game. Bring your mind to the gym. Bring your mind to life.

Poise – Confidence and glory are delivered through the process.