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2022: Start the New Year the Right Way – Set Goals the Right Way (Part 1 of 3)


Setting goals the right way will help you to achieve them!

Technically, the celebration of the new year has us celebrating something as ordinary as a change in the calendar.

There is no deeper meaning behind the celebration. Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Christmas, and even Halloween all have us celebrate more unique themes.

Yet, the holiday gains its status because nearly everyone is willing to imagine that the day will bring in the best year ever or, at least, a year better than the last.

Never stop dreaming! Maybe, New Year’s Day is like Christmas for adults – they are willing to believe that the year will be “my year”.

As the ball drops in Times Square, they imagine themselves sitting on the laps of the Fates asking for nearly any kind of year their hearts desire. A couple drinks as we move toward the midnight hour couldn’t hurt this kind of wild, untethered dreaming either!

So, do we wake up from the prior night’s celebrations and resolutions and do anything that might effectively make the “best year ever” a reality?

This is quite difficult!

God knows that the health and fitness industry feeds off of the idea that “this year will be my year”.

Keep believing! There is something great that can come out of this season!

The changing of the calendar can act as an impetus to drive people to do great things. Why not?

However, we must understand what we are dreaming. We have to take our ideas about how we can have our best year beyond idle daydreaming. This means we have to create a plan. We have to understand that when we consider “the best year ever” we are considering a year of working toward that goal.

(Watch a video about Proper Goal Contemplation.)

Git ‘R Done Fitness Goal Setting 101

Often, when goal setting as a methodology is discussed, the formidable 5 Year Plan is presented.

However, what you are rarely told is that the 5 Year Plan is the mainstay because it supports better goal setting for THE FIRST YEAR!

Exercise 1:

Time is Ticking!

So, let’s make good on our new year’s resolutions and move towards the “best year ever”.

Grab a pen and piece of paper.

As always, we need to hold ourselves accountable with the power of the pen.

Since this is a three part post for accomplishing our new year’s goals. Let’s begin by writing where we would like to be in 5 years. Of course, we will have multiple things we are trying to accomplish over this period. So, write down a few of the more important things you want to accomplish by the end of five years.

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By Billy Lee

Billy Lee is the Trainer/Director at GIT R DONE fitness. You can follow him on Twitter @ApexAlphaTrader. You can follow GIT R DONE FITNESS @GitRDoneFitness.

You can learn more about his health and wellness work on Kairos Athletics and the Wellness Institute for Economic Growth.


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